Graphic design 82–41–M/05 - full-time study


For whom it is intended: for primary school graduates

Type of study: full-time

Length of study: 4 years

Type of proof of completion: high school diploma

Curriculum Graphic Design

Characteristics of the field

The school’s educational program prepares students for activities in various areas of graphic design. It can be applied in artistic graphics, illustration, scientific drawing, arrangement creation, exhibition management, various editorial work, web design, etc.

Education emphasizes the development of individual creative abilities, which are a necessary prerequisite for the creation of designs for all graphic design products. The study programme focuses on art-historical preparation, including the teaching of the history of visual culture and other humanities and economic subjects important for obtaining a cultural-historical overview and orientation in the market economy. Furthermore we concentrate on art teaching, dealing with composition and drawing, the basics of technical imaging, the basics of typography, digital photography and multimedia creation.

The teaching combines traditional art and craft training with the latest technological procedures and thus enables us to respond to current trends in the field. Therefore, a very important part is the inclusion of taught subjects such as computer technology, digital photography, computer graphics, multimedia creation and graphic design.


Students of this field will learn and acquire the following:

basics of drawing, painting and printing technologies and graphic techniques,

typography, artistic stylization, uniform corporate style, visual communication,

operating graphic programs,

procedures for creating outputs intended for print or interactive media,

modeling of 2D/3D objects and creation of static visualization and animated scenes,

creation of digital effects and post-production editing of film material (frame animations, videos).

In the course of their studies, pupils prepare annual work.


Annual work


Graduates will be able to find employment in businesses such as advertising agencies, graphic studios, in newspaper and magazine editorial offices, printing companies, publishing houses, in television and film production, in production and trade promotion, PR departments of companies and institutions, or in cultural institutions. Graduates can also carry out the mentioned activity independently as part of their own business.


The most artistically talented graduates of graphic design can continue their studies at art universities (for example, at the University of Applied Arts, Academy of Fine Arts). Graduates can also continue their studies at any university, not only humanities (for example, faculties of pedagogy and philosophy).